Accountability being controlled from somewhere else: Nawaz

Dear deposed Ex Prime Minister.

If for a second we accept your argument / logic of you being victimized, which by the way is hilarious. One has to see things in perspective and on merit.

So I came up with a conclusion with by the following Q and A and I leave the judement to the readers.

Question: You belonged to a richest family in pakistan.

Answer is no because the tax returns say otherwise.

Question: You had means to embezzle public funds?

Answer is yes, three times PM, Chief minister of Punjab and your Brother also three times CM of Punjab.

Question: Panama Papers revealing your offshore companies, properties was planted?

NO Panama Papers was an international revelation and included not just you but other heads of states and prominent business, royals, stars and politicians.

Question: You gave all proofs and documents supporting the acquisitions with your hard earned money?

NO despite GIT time, Supreme court hearing and current NAB hearings zip, nothing. You were only able to produce a Qatari letter which was thrown out as a fairy tale, where all live happily ever after.

Question: All family is on the same page regarding claims of legal acquisition through legal means?

NO as every family member currently and in the past had a different story to tell, nothing matches and with 21st century all is online for everyone to see, hear and judge.

Question: You are accepting the ruling by the courts?

NO, you claim you made the judiciary free and on many occasions before your case said that the judiciary is free but now malign them on terms totally not understandable but yet clear in terms of your aim, become saheed so that the proceedings can stop and you can make fool of the people.

Question: Are you being victimized politically by opposing parties?

NO, because one it’s your party government, your appointed PM and still your brother as CM punjab and same team of ministers who are there always for you but never for the people’s problems.

Question: Is Army involved?

No, because on multiple times the ISPR publicly have said that they support democracy and are servant to people and have nothing to do with anything in politics. I understand this is something not acceptable to many and quite so keeping in mind the past but then again we are in current times and have seen that on many occasions where the intervention was imminent but never happened. But having said so it is my belief that they will uphold the supremacy of law under under the constitution.

Question: The allegations are not new?

Yes they are not, but in the past you were never put to task per land of the law or never investigated, why because you had judges you could control and that is a proof and can be searched online with audio tapes on youtube too. This is why you cannot comprehend this unworldly investigation thinking that could this happen to you, the great Nawaz Sharif. Seems like a dream but soon will wake up to reality.

Question: In the past did we confronted the legal system for the allegations?

No because again you knew it was fake and you had the outcome decided with favourable people in decision making areas.  After knowing for fact that no NRO be given or no pressure on legal system is working you opted in for shameful tactics of maligning your own country’s vital institutions just for your personal gains, and the irony is the whole party, at least what’s in media is towing your line. This shows that individuals see themselves as dependent on NS for selection in election and without him the PML(N) is nothing. One laughs at the mere mention in 90’s, where people use to say that even if NS give ticket to a dog, he will be elected.

In my opinion above is enough to come to a conclusion and answer the NS question. Everyone has the right of opinion but I would just humbly request to give opinion with open mind, with logics and not blindly like a puppet. After all we the people of Pakistan have everything here and not abroad.


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