We need to put a leash on Afghanistan

Two soldiers martyred in cross-border militant attack in Bajaur Agency

On November 14 2017: Two soldiers embraced martyrdom on Monday while four others injured in a cross-border militant attack on a checkpost in Bajaur Agency near Pakistan-Afghanistan border.

Again and again the Afghan soil is being used to attack Pakistan army posts from lawless Afghanistan regions neighboring Pakistan. While the world and Afghan incompetent government always blame Pakistan for the issues in Afghanistan. Everyday we are suffering because of their incompetence and lack of ability to control their areas.

Pakistan has to put Afghan and the allies to the task or come up with strategy to counter from our side. We cannot be victims to their incompetence and lacking anymore.

Earlier in October, terrorists from Afghanistan side opened fire at a Pakistani border post in Rajgal and martyred one soldier.

While Pakistan has managed to clear its areas of terrorists, Afghanistan has virtually no security control over its vast area.

Now the questions are:

  • Should We Maintain Status Quo
  • Should We Go in and Stop Attacks from Afghanistan?
  • Should We Push the Allied Forces / Nato to Do Something?
  • Be More Aggressive on The Diplomatic End
  • Let our Local Media Know More About This?

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