Where are we heading? Faizabad Sit in by Religious Party.

Govt decided to take on the protesters in Faizabad wth force. With Interior mister saying in the past that it would take no more then few hours to clear the few hundred protestors but Government do not want to resort to force.

As this happens we saw visuals of burning vehicles, protestors beating and then the retreating police and FC personals. Soon afterwords news started to come in on protests starting all across Pakistan.

The government solution beside closing all mobile networks in the past, now is to shutdown the news channels and un officially facebook too.

One fail to understand that when even the smallest of events result in judicial commissions and JIT’s why not he same for the demands of the protesters in Faizabad?

Beside this I fail to answer the below questions:

  • How the protest manage to across all of Punjab without resistance and why double sawari was not banned 🙂 ?
  • Why the clerics heading the protest were not placed in house arrest to protect public order, we have many such occurrences in the past.?
  • Where is interior minister and the government spokesmen?
  • Is taking private news channels offline a wise decision, will this not create confusion and spread of false news and uncertainty?
  • Should there be not any investigation and if there is why it was allowed to be delayed so much that the today happened?
  • Who is the beneficiary of current situation? Both politically and internationally?
  • Why the government only started talking with protestors after court intervention and why it was delayed for action after court directions? Do they want the blame for any mishap on court?

In my pinion Government totally mishandled the situation and deliberately let the todays event occur. We are seeing a total mishandling of situation and lack of vision by the current interior minister.


These are my opinions and you can disagree with me, if so please do leave your comments with logic and not just political slogans.

Update Sat 24 November 2017 at Pakistan time 7:24 PM:

Twitter, youtube is also blocked.

None of the News Channel Live streams are working and their websites are not reachable.

It seems like total blockade of access to news for ordinary Pakistanis. This too in a democratic setup. Care to comment the so called champions of democracy?

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