Why Hassan and Hussain Nawaz not appearing in Accountability courts?

We are not hearing anything about why the son’s of deposed prime minister are not appearing in accountability courts. And the irony is that the media is not discussing this aggressively.

Over the period of many months, the deposed prime minister son’s and family have repeatedly said that they have submitted themselves for accountability and are ready to face courts. One must ask that if they are honest and have nothing to hide, why they are absent and in United Kingdom?

This also shows the dual law enforcement and clearly exposes the fault lines in our legal system.


Questions one can ask are:

  • Why they were allowed to leave the country?
  • Why their names were not placed on exit control list?
  • If they don’t come how we can bring them for facing the trial?
  • Why the media is not highlighting this aggressively?
  • Why the defenders on deposed Nawaz Sharif are not asked of such questions?
  • What the government is doing? as after all its PML (N) government.

We have very high hopes of supremacy of law in Pakistan and seeing the current happenings one is justified to ask will it ever happen?

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